Monday, June 14, 2010

Strung out. Period.

I am so incredibly tired and my knee is killing me. I would like to say that is the end of my whining, however I am sure I will whine just a bit more before I hit the hay tonight. Between Matt and work I am at my wit's end. Six hours of work doesn't seem that bad and especially when one can work from home. Let me just say what I think moms and dads everywhere would say - easier said than done. Working from home can be brutal. Yes, you don't necessarily have to pay for childcare or a wardrobe to work outside of the house in. However, you end up ignoring your child to some degree because work is calling and your home gets messier by the minute.

Everyone talks about how jealous they are of me and sometimes I just wish I worked in an office so I could work in peace. I love my son more than almost anyone...but at three and a half he still needs a great deal of interaction. And right now I have never worked harder than I do at this job. This job suddenly became much more complicated and difficult lately due to a promotion on the website. I am sure some of my friends think I have gone into witness protection because I no longer want to leave my home. In my spare time I try to sleep and keep up at home or hang out with my now retired Mom.

I can't wait for Friday; it will not come soon enough! So as for the catching up...I will work on a month of events each day starting Friday (my first day off).

Until then I am off to take a shower and ice my knee...and probably indulge in a little ibuprofen. :)

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