Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bleary Eyed & Rambling

Well this is my second morning in a row getting up before 5:00am to begin working. I have to say that the computer is a difficult thing to wrangle that early. It does things that I can't say I understand. :(

Although there is a certain peace that exists this early in my home. I just peeked into my bedroom to find my husband and son sleeping in the "big bed" as my two year old calls it. My munchkin loves to sleep his last couple of hours in our bed on the weekend and its fun. He likes to cozy up to us and be the sweetest boy ever.

There is nothing more that I could want for than the peace that I have right now. I get to listen to my music and work at the same time without any interruptions. It was strangely quiet last night when my son and husband were at my in-laws while I continued to work. Well I am off work now and ready to go and snuggle with my guys. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I just gotta say....

This funk that I am in has to end! I am so irritated and its rather ridiculous. It's been one of those days when nothing too horrible happened today per sea, however these feelings have probably been building up over the last week or so. I am going to visit a dear friend this week and I am irritated that she doesn't seem as excited or as enthusiastic as I would have expected her to be. Am I setting myself up for this?

The reality of the situation is I am my own worst enemy. Maybe I am not the best friend I can be. I would like to think that I do a fair enough job of being a good friend, however I have one friend who isn't terribly excited to see me and another who went out of town on a trip and I would have thought that's something that we would have talked about...

I don't understand!!! I need some of my friends to tell me if I am falling down on the job. If you are my friend, feel free to let me know what I am doing wrong. :(

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Free Weekend!

I am so excited that I have this weekend off from work! YAY! Not that I have been working forever, mind you. I have only been working a week and a half, however since the weekend is the main time my dear husband gets off as well, its pretty darn exciting. My Mom is taking us to a fancy steakhouse and frankly right now, I feel like I could use the pampering. And for no other reason other than its fun (instead of an ER visit), my son will spend the night at my in-laws. I love my son more than I could ever express, however I do look forward to time alone with my husband. We have both been under a little more stress, so it will be nice to talk and not be waylaid by an exuberant two-year old.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Day

So while I know that I am blessed, today is not one of those days when I truly felt that way. I was so tired when I woke up and then the day never let up. A couple of hours after I got up this morning I discovered my freezer was leaking water. Now I have to say, having been a little on the ignorant side I googled the problem. The problem wasn't so much leaking water as it was everything in my freezer thawing!!!

Now clearly the freezer did not understand (it being an inanimate object and everything) that money does not grow on trees. I cannot just replace all of the expensive food sitting in there right now! And now folks my useless ranting is over. I will be at peace with the newest bump in the road...

Life will always be an adventure and I just have to make sure I am ready for the ride.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funny Friends

My stomach hurt on the way home today from a bridal shower, and while we ate at this shower it had nothing to do with the food in any way. Instead, it was because I got to visit with a few of my close friends and I laughed so hard for so long that I got a stomach ache. I have one friend in particular who is seriously hilarious. This friend, let's call her Lee, is one of my closest friends and I can't imagine my life without her. We have known each other for ten years now and it seems like just yesterday we were talking for hours in an alley getting to know one another. Now for the record this alley was brightly lit and it was dusk when we concluded our time together.

However, I digress, this woman is a phenomenal woman. I realized on my way home that I may have said a couple of things that could have embarrassed her and I really didn't mean to if I did. She says and does some truly funny and occasionally odd things and I find them completely endearing, it just makes her that much more lovable! Some of her mishaps make me feel so normal; there is many a time when I can see myself doing the exact same thing. Her faith oftens inspires and reminds me how to make it through the tough times. She is a fantastic friend!

In fact when she lived in the next state over and I had my son a few years ago, she made an incredible effort to come not once, not twice, but three times over the course of three weeks. Lee followed us home from the hospital (after bringing us a non-hospital approved lunch) and basically hauled me into my bed to tuck me in while my husband was out getting my pain pills.

Now I don't want it to seem like no else helped me out, because there was an army helping us during this time to make things work. It was just so touching how she made the trek to another state week after week. I felt so completely loved by her and special. I guess that this brings me to the point of this post, I truly hope that the people in my life feel loved by me as well. I know I embarrass people with my moronic behavior etc, however I just pray that those who are close to me know I say things out of love.

I love you Lee and I am so grateful to have you in my life!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So last night I think my husband wanted to knock me out to get me to sleep. I actually got so irritated with his snoring (which I am sure he will deny even doing) that I actually moved his pillow and gently (at least I hope it was) moved his head. IT WAS KILLING ME!!!! I was desperately trying to sleep with absolutely no luck and all I could hear was the bulldozer sound next to me. When I first heard the sound I thought my phone was ringing in the far-off distance, which would be rather funny.

Now I would not consider myself to be a mean person, however I was feeling mean, mean, mean last night. I wanted to just knock him upside the head, however my niceness somehow prevailed. But I will say I really wanted to laugh when he looked up at me a little confused at how he was suddenly awake. I suppose he thought that I must have bumped him when I was tossing and turning and obsessing.