Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So last night I think my husband wanted to knock me out to get me to sleep. I actually got so irritated with his snoring (which I am sure he will deny even doing) that I actually moved his pillow and gently (at least I hope it was) moved his head. IT WAS KILLING ME!!!! I was desperately trying to sleep with absolutely no luck and all I could hear was the bulldozer sound next to me. When I first heard the sound I thought my phone was ringing in the far-off distance, which would be rather funny.

Now I would not consider myself to be a mean person, however I was feeling mean, mean, mean last night. I wanted to just knock him upside the head, however my niceness somehow prevailed. But I will say I really wanted to laugh when he looked up at me a little confused at how he was suddenly awake. I suppose he thought that I must have bumped him when I was tossing and turning and obsessing.

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