Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bleary Eyed & Rambling

Well this is my second morning in a row getting up before 5:00am to begin working. I have to say that the computer is a difficult thing to wrangle that early. It does things that I can't say I understand. :(

Although there is a certain peace that exists this early in my home. I just peeked into my bedroom to find my husband and son sleeping in the "big bed" as my two year old calls it. My munchkin loves to sleep his last couple of hours in our bed on the weekend and its fun. He likes to cozy up to us and be the sweetest boy ever.

There is nothing more that I could want for than the peace that I have right now. I get to listen to my music and work at the same time without any interruptions. It was strangely quiet last night when my son and husband were at my in-laws while I continued to work. Well I am off work now and ready to go and snuggle with my guys. :)

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