Monday, July 12, 2010

Tired. Just plain tired.

I am tired. The kind of tired that you just want to lay your head back a little and close your eyes and head on into dreamland. I don't usually fall asleep sitting up, however today I could make an exception. I think it must be the three and a half hours of sleep plaguing me. Go figure. For the record, I did try very hard to get to sleep last night. Something was just keeping me up. :(

Somehow I have even been somewhat productive. I worked today, did a bunch of laundry, organized some more bills/paperwork, ran an errand for my Mom, and kept track of my dear son. I would say that dinner is seeming like a bit of a stretch today. Although let's be honest, most likely I would say the same thing over and over each night (sometimes for a different reason).

And now I must retire soon...

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